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Live Dealer Blackjack Game Description:

Enjoy the thrills of Blackjack, in real time, streamed online live from Golden Nugget Casino in Atlantic City!

Betfair Casino and Golden Nugget Casino feature 2 tables of Blackjack with wagers as low as $10. For low rollers, this is a welcome respite, as other Atlantic casinos offer minimum wagers as high as $15 to $25 on weekends and special events.

For high rollers, bet spread is as high as $1000, and an option for multiple hands, should there be an available spot.

As far as the gaming rules, they’re middle of the road:

  • 8 decks
  • Dealer hits on soft 17
  • Doubling down on any two cards
  • Doubling down after splits
  • No resplits of pairs
  • One card to each split Ace

This works out to a house edge of just over 0.7 percent, assuming proper playing strategy.


A number of side betting options are available -

  • Perfect Pair: Pays out when a player’s first two cards are the same value. The payouts are augmented if the cards are the samecolor, and even more so if they’re the same suit. The house edge on this bet is 09 percent — not too bad as far as side bets go.
  • 21 + 3: Essentially transforms blackjack into a sort of poker game. In order to get paid, players must combine their first two cards with the dealer’s up card to make a qualifying poker hand, such as a straightflushthree of a kind, or threeidentical cards. Pays out between 5:1 to 100:1 depending on the rarity of the hand.

     Don’t play this one too often, as the house edge is a high 6.28 percent.

  • Bet Behind: Allows players, either seated at the table or observing the action, to place bets on other playerhands. The bet behind player follows the same decisions as the main table player, so players are advised to choose bet on players that are adhering to something resembling basic strategy. (to be launched soon)

Live Dealer Blackjack has a natural fit in Bet Behind. A player doesn’t have to sit idle, waiting for his chance as the action begins as soon as the stream begins. It also offers the same house edge as the main game – 0.72%.

In all possibilities, it’s quite hard to beat, for a side bet. 

Betfair NJ and Golden Nugget online casino both offer Live Dealer Blackjack games on their sites. Get $20 free play from both sites using bonus code: BONUSSEEKER.

NJ Live Dealer Game Information

Minimum Bets

Live Blackjack Table 1

  • Minimum Standard Bet: $10
  • Maximum Standard Bet: $1000
  • Minimum Side Bet: $1
  • Maximum Side Bet: $100
  • (Side Bets require a Standard Bet)

Live Blackjack Table 2

  • Minimum Standard Bet: $10
  • Maximum Standard Bet: $1000
  • Minimum Side Bet: $1
  • Maximum Side Bet: $100
  • (Side Bets require a Standard Bet)

Live Blackjack Table 3

  • Minimum Standard Bet: $20
  • Maximum Standard Bet: $1000
  • Minimum Side Bet: $1
  • Maximum Side Bet: $100
  • (Side Bets require a Standard Bet)


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